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Mahindra Atom Electric Launch Soon – Variants, Battery Specs Leak

First showcased as a concept at the 2022 Auto Expo, Mahindra Atom electric is expected to be launched in the coming weeks

Mahindra Atom Electric
Mahindra Atom Electric

The Mahindra Atom electric quadricycle which made its debut at the 2018 Auto Expo is inching close to its launch, as suggested by this near-production prototype which was spotted testing in Bangalore. The compact and boxy urban runabout will be pitched as a last mile transport solution.

Mahindra Atom electric

The Mahindra Atom was originally supposed to be launched sometime in the festive season 2021, but it looks that the lockdown has pushed the timeline by a few months. Despite the delay, the Atom is poised to become the first electric quadricycle in India. It will be competing with the Bajaj Qute which is currently available only with an IC engine. Bajaj Auto is working on an electric variant.

Developed by Mahindra Electric, Atom was envisioned as an integral part of growing shared mobility apparatus in urban areas, feeding Metros and BRTS. However, the pandemic has tilted the balance heavily in favour of personal transport. It remains to be seen how Mahindra will market the Atom in this era where people are thinking twice before opting to use shared mobility solutions.

Mahindra would be hoping to tweak its market strategy to target private buyers for the Atom electric but given that it was primarily conceived for shared mobility, pitching it as a compelling private mode of transportation would be easier said than done.

Mahindra Atom Electric - Variants and Specs
Mahindra Atom Electric – Variants and Specs

Mahindra Atom – Variants and Specifications

As can be seen in the above document, Mahindra Atom Electric has been homologated ahead of launch. It will be offered in a choice of 4 variants – K1, K2, K3 and K4. The base variants K1 and K2 will be powered by 7.4 kWh / 144 Ah battery pack while the top two K3 and K4 variants will be powered by 11.1 kWh / 216 Ah battery pack.

Depending on the battery pack, range of Mahindra Atom will vary. Mahindra Atom K1 and K2 will deliver lower range as compared to K3 and K4. Battery pack weight for K1 and K2 is at 98 kgs while that of K3 and K4 is at 145 kgs. Electrical energy consumption for K1 and K2 stands at 90 Wh / Km, while that for K3 and K4 is at 106 Wh / Km.

Kerb weight of the Mahindra Atom ranges from 434 kgs to 458 kgs – depending on the variant. Gross vehicle weight ranges from 832 kgs to 903 kgs. It is rated to have a seating capacity for 4 adults, including driver. Mahindra Atom electric range has not been revealed. It will be revealed at the launch event in the coming weeks. Govt has approved it for registration as a Non-Transport vehicle.

Mahindra Atom electric spied
Mahindra Atom Quadricycle on Test. Image – Ashutosh

Expect Mahindra Atom Electric range to be in the 80-100 kms. Wheelbase is at 1885 mm, width is 1452 mm, length is 2728 mm and height is 1576 mm. Top speed should be around 50-60 kmph. The primary target customers will be existing auto rickshaw owners who are looking to upgrade to a cleaner and fully enclosed workhorse.

Launch and price

As shown at the auto expo, interiors of the Mahindra Atom will be basic. The door panels and wheel arches are devoid of padding or sound deadening material to keep the cost in check. The simple plastic dashboard has a utilitarian appeal to it and higher variants will offer AC. The Mahindra Atom electric will be equipped with 4G connectivity to enable easy bookings and payments for the ride. There will also be an app for the drivers to monitor the vehicle status.

Expected to be introduced sometime in mid 2022, the Mahindra Atom electric is estimated to have a start price point a little over INR 3 lakh (ex-showroom). The vehicle’s sales performance would prove to be a valuable insight for other players who are interested in this segment.

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