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Mahindra auto registers 6% sales growth for December 2012


Mahindra QuantoIndia’s largest SUV manufacturer reported a 6% increase in auto sales for the month of December 2012 with sales of 45297 units as compared to last years figures. Domestic sales statistics for December 2012 were registered at 42307 units as compared to December last year which is an impressive 6% rise. Auto sales for the passenger vehicle segment were good too as the company registered sales of 22761 units in December 2012 as compared to last year.

These figures translated into an 18% growth for the segment. The 4-wheeler and 3-wheeler commercial vehicles segment registered sales of 13706 and 5209 units for December 2012. A 4% growth was registered considering exports pertaining to this segment.

Rising prices of commodities and a sluggish economy were some of the reason why sales were quite low during 2012. Though December was a lean month, Mahindra & Mahindra hope to do well in 2013.


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