Mahindra Intertrade to set up India’s first auto shredding facility

Mahindra Intertrade, a part of the Mahindra Group, has signed a MoU with Metal Scrap Trading Corporation Limited (MSTC), a government of India undertaking, to set up the country’s first auto shredding facility. The facility will be housing fully automated end-of-life vehicle recycling equipment.

Considering that the government will shortly come up with fleet modernization program which will promote scrappage of old cars on a large scale, an auto shredding facility is imperative for efficient recycling of automotive scrappage.

vehicle scrapyards india
As on now, vehicle recycling in India is inefficient and exposes environment to hazardous materials.

The MoU was signed under the aegis of the Minister of Steel and Mines, Narendra Singh Tomarji. The Secretary Steel (Government of India) Aruna Sundarajan, Managing Partner of Mahindra Partners Zhooben Bhiwandiwala, Managing Director of Mahindra Intertrade Ltd. Sumit Issar, and Chairman and Managing Director of MSTC Ltd. Shailendra Krishna Tripathi were also present.

Auto shredding in India is a largely unorganized industry as of now. Most recycling facilities are currently dismantling the automobiles in an unscientific method thereby exposing hazardous materials to the environment. The automotive wastes eventually make it to the land fills. The Mahindra-MSTC auto shredding plant aims to address these issues with a proven fully automated process.

Scrapping your old car in India
The MoU comes in time for the government’s fleet modernization program.

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Details on location, investment, and a tentative timeframe for the commissioning of the Mahindra auto shredding plant have not been released yet.

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