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Mahindra ahead in acquisition of Aston Martin


As Kuwait firm, Investment Dar Company desires to sell its 40% stake in Aston Martin, there are strong indications that India’s very own Mahindra and Mahindra will be at the forefront. M&M, world’s largest tractor manufactures are eager to acquire this iconic brand so as to raise their status in both national and international markets.

Mahindra and Mahindra are eager to acquire the stake from Investment Dar in the 99 year old British luxury spots car company, which received a fair amount of attention due to its supreme performance in James Bond movies. Investment Dar acquired Aston Martin from Ford Motor Company in 2007 and M&M have offered the bid for the company while sources confirm that the deal could be signed and sealed very soon.

M&M earlier acquired loss making South Korean company SsangYong Motors for $460 million in 2011 and are digging deep into their pockets to make a bid for the British company Aston Martin which will take their market share a whole lot higher if they succeed in its acquisition.

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