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Mahindra BLUE SENSE APP for XUV500 SUV


Mahindra & Mahindra launched its first ever vehicle smart SUV for its XUV500. The BLUE SENSEE APP launched by Mahindra boasts of a wide variety of features like climate control functionality, infotainment system functionality as also functions for allowing people to check tyre pressure. This app also provides warnings and alerts in case of open doors, fuel economy and tyre pressure.

It’s supported on the XUV500’s W8 model and allows owners of vehicles to connect with others through Bluetooth functionality system technologies. Through this system one is able to get intimation regarding servicing of the vehicle, surfing through radio channels of for that matter listening to their music tracks.

Through use of the system, drivers as also passengers can get to know about features and innovative infotainment systems incorporated within this vehicle. This will allow individuals experience a safe and comfortable driving experience. The app can be downloaded from an online portal from which another app known as Tell tale can also be downloaded for XUV500 models. Through usage of Tell Tale users can get to know information of their instrument panel and at the same time garner information about their fuel settings and economy.


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