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Mahindra Salesman Insults Bolero Customer – Buyer Comes Back With Rs 10 Lakh Cash

Mahindra Bolero Salesman makes fun of farmer
Image – Usha ki kiran

Cases involving classist remarks are a worldwide phenomenon, not limited to any specific geography

For some, money is the primary criteria for determining the level of respect an individual deserves. This line of thought may extend further to say that one also needs to look and behave like a rich person. In effect, if you have money but are not dressed accordingly, you might continue to face discrimination.

Something similar happened at a Mahindra showroom in Tumakuru, Karnataka where the salesperson talked rudely and made fun of a farmer who had gone there to purchase Bolero pickup truck.

Farmer’s allegation

According to the farmer, the salesman talked to him rudely when he said that he wanted to buy a Mahindra Bolero pickup. Apparently, the salesman made some assumptions about the farmer based on his clothes and general appearance.

Or he could be someone new in this profession and may not be aware of the varied types of customers that visit showrooms to buy cars. Or it could be just one of those days when you do certain things you are not supposed to.

To make fun of the farmer, the salesperson said that no vehicles are available for Rs 10. He added that he has never seen someone like him visiting the showroom to buy a car. He was probably referring to the farmer’s untidy appearance. This clearly shows that the salesperson was judging the farmer based on his physical appearance.

This could also have been an ego clash, as car salesmen are well-dressed and expect the same from customers. So, when an unkempt looking person drops in to buy a car, it may result in classist behaviour.

Farmer’s response

Responding to the salesman, the farmer asked how long it would take to get delivery if Rs 10 lakh was given to them. Assuming that the farmer won’t be able to produce Rs 10 lakh, the salesman said that the car will be delivered in under half an hour. The salesman never believed that Rs 10 lakh can be arranged in a short period of time.

To his surprise, the farmer requested his friends and arranged for Rs 10 lakh and returned to the showroom in 30 minutes. Already dumbfounded by now, the salesman said that he won’t be able to deliver the car within half an hour. He said it will take 2-3 days to get the car delivered. This got the farmer and his friends angry, as they were promised delivery within half an hour.

The farmer later filed a police case for misbehaviour and rude conduct. Thankfully, the police intervened and settled the matter amicably before it could escalate further. A written apology was provided by the salesman and other dealer staff.

The salesman has been widely criticized on social media channels. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson and will not repeat such behaviour again. An official response from Mahindra is awaited.

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