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Mahindra Bolero CV range, Jeeto, Alfa discount up to Rs 80k

Mahindra Bolero offer

Mahindra has now drafted special offers for its BSIV small commercial vehicles stock. The campaign across Mahindra dealerships across the country comes with a promise of discounts of up to Rs 80,000.

The offer on Mahindra Small Commercial Vehicles (SCV) includes its Pick-Up range with promotional discounts ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 80,000 for BSIV compliant vehicles. This includes Bolero Pik Up, Bolero Maxi Truck, Bolero Camper, Jeeto and Alfa. One can avail benefits by exchanging a BSII/ III vehicle with BSIV.

Mahindra SCV range is variant rich in regard to fuel choices, and applications. The current discount offer givers prospects the opportunity to buy a Mahindra SCV at its lowest price for a definite time period.

Mahindra Bolero offer

With the BSVI mandate coming into effect in April 2020, manufacturers would do well to ensure all BSIV stock is sold well within time. This will help prevent the issue of dead stock as well as let companies begin initial production of BSVI vehicles well within the deadline for smooth transition and to avoid monumental logistical muck ups.

With Bharat Stage VI (BSVI) emission norms mandated from April 1, 2020, one could anticipate short-term uptick in the commercial vehicle (CV) segment. It can be taken into account that in recent months, CV sales have dipped, and industrial activity slowdown is rampant.

With the introduction of BSVI CV ranges, as we grasp onto an anticipated cleaner future, the immediate cost of it would be heavier on the pocket. So, there’s hope that for the remainder of this quarter and the next, pre-buying of BSIV CVs will be something to watch out for.

However, since the market is in slowdown, expected buying may not be as robust as seen during the buildup to previous periods of transition. Fleet owners who switch to BSVI for improved fuel efficiency and maintenance will also need to address increased loan repayments on account of higher buying costs, which will be a norm in the new financial year.

For October 2019, total Mahindra CV segment sales was reported at 23,582 units, down 3 percent from 24,353 units sold in October 2018. Of this, Mahindra has the strongest showing in the LCV segment upto 3.5 tonnes. October 2019 sales is reported at 22,725 units, down 2 percent from 23,157 units sold a year earlier.

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