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Mahindra e2o ‘Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric’ comes to Pune #EarthDay

Sales of Mahindra Reva e2o has not matched expectations. Launched back in March 2013, Mahindra has sold about 500 units of e2o in this period. Their Bangalore plant has capacity to produce 30,000 units annually. The reason for e2o’s disappointing sales, high price and no infrastructure. But, Mahindra has not given up, in spite of little- to-none government support. They have launched a new scheme – ‘Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric’, which brings the price of e2o considerably down, and has also promised to provide 100 charging stations across Pune.

With new e2o scheme, Mahindra has made it easier for environment conscious to buy their electric car. Under this, buyers will need to pay a down-payment of just Rs 4.99 lakhs, and a monthly payment of Rs 2,599 for a period of five years. This will take care of maintenance and battery performance of your e2o. Besides this, you will also get roadside assistance for 24×7, and in case your battery is taken for repairs, you will be given a replacement vehicle.

But, if you opt for this scheme, there is one condition. Under no circumstance you can drive your e2o for more than 800 kms in a month. If you do drive above 800 kms, than the scheme is void. This scheme is perfect for those who do not drive for more than 800 kms per month. On a full charge, e2o travels up to 100 kms.

Chetan Maini, Chief Executive Officer, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. said, “As a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the country, Mahindra Reva is committed to develop not just electric vehicles, but also an entire ecosystem of sustainable mobility service that will benefit societies at large. We will keep our innovation quotient high to ensure that we not only better our product and service offerings but also create a sustainable eco-system to make electric vehicles more accessible and easy to use for our customers across the globe.”

Mr Maini further added, “As part of our innovative measures, we have introduced Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric scheme and Quick2Charge technology for the convenience of potential e2o customers. I am sure that these measures will go a long way in attracting consumers towards the e2o and making it a hassle free experience for them.”

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