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Mahindra e2o Electric Range Extended To 350 Kms By Northway Motorsport

Mahindra e2o Plus Electric
Mahindra e2o Plus Electric

Mahindra retailed e20 Plus electric hatch in three trims- P2, P4 and P6

Mahindra was one of the first auto manufacturers in the private vehicle segment in India to venture into the electric mobility space. It developed two electric vehicle (EV) models namely eVerito and e20 Plus in sedan and hatchback body styles respectively.

However, they were unable to gain any popularity among masses due to limited availability and lack of charging infrastructure and hence were discontinued. Range anxiety was another issue that led to the downfall of these vehicles, especially e20 that offered below par single-charge range.

Additional battery backup results in 350km range

The electric hatch was offered with two battery options- an 11kWh battery pack and a 15kWH battery pack. The former claimed a maximum range of 110km whereas the latter claimed a range of 140km on a single charge.

In real-world situations, the range declined even further with the use of the air conditioner in a stop and go traffic. Northway Motorsport, based out of Pune, has managed to increase the single-charge range of the electric hatch.

Mahindra e2o Plus Electric
Mahindra e2o Plus Electric with range extender

A video, courtesy of Hemank Dabhade, uploaded on YouTube shows a stock e20 Plus being installed with a 17kWh battery pack. This is in addition to the pre-existing 11kWH Lithion-ion battery which results in a total capacity of 28kWh.

The additional 17kWh range extender pack has been placed in the car’s boot space. The purpose of making the video is to find out how much can the car travel on a full charge with additional battery backup.

The drive was conducted in a real-world scenario, in a very cautious manner with the air conditioner being turned off during the entire journey. The car was driven with extreme care below 25 percent SOC to reduce power consumption even further. At the end of the drive, the upgraded e20 Plus resulted in a distance traveled around 350km before the battery was completely drained out.

e20 Plus Features & Specs

This is a remarkable figure considering the limited capacity of the power source. It was further aided by regenerative braking and additionally, 15-18 km of journey was covered in moderate downslopes. This helped e20 Plus attain a very impressive range which is hard to achieve by any EV on sale currently in the real world.

The electric car was driven by a three-phase AC Induction Motor which returns a very modest output of 26 bhp at 3500rpm and 70 Nm at 1050rpm. It could clock a top speed of 80kmph while it could sprint 0-60 kmph in a yawning 14.1 seconds. It was offered with a standard 3kW single Phase 16 Amp charger which took 7hrs and 20 mins for the larger 15kWh battery pack to get charged while the smaller 12 kWh unit took 6 hours to juice up.

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