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4 door Mahindra e2o Plus electric car launch today – Watch LIVE webcast

Mahindra e2o 4-door electric car has been teased by the company over the last few days. Christened Mahindra e2o Plus, this new electric car will be launched today. The new variant would be aiming to attract a wider audience base by promising better practicality than the existing 2-door version. The EV market in India is almost non-existent and the e2o is among the few zero-emissions car to be on sale in India. However, with the Indian government’s move to offer incentives and subsidies for electric and hybrid vehicles through NEMMP 2020, things could change sooner than later. As per Mahindra, the key highlights of the new Mahindra e2o Plus are ; · The name of its eagerly awaited new electric car is e2oPlus · The name is an amalgamation of e2o which stands for energy to oxygen and Plus for the positive contributions that the car will make in the lives of customers · Apart from the standard electric car benefits like zero emissions, low running costs, ease of driving and home charging, the e2oPlus features superior styling, an increased range and fast charging capability As of now the 2-door Mahindra e2o is positioned as a lifestyle product rather than a practical environmental friendly solution for urban mobility. The 4-door variant with more space at the rear and an appeal of a family car would be playing in the volume oriented hatchback segment. The 4-door electric city car is expected to borrow its hardware from the smaller e2o which has 25.5 hp and 53.9 Nm of torque on tap. Visually, the Mahindra e2o 4-door adopts a slightly different styling, especially at the rear. More details about the Mahindra e2o Plus will be revealed at the launch in Delhi. You can watch the webcast on your device, in the feed below. Streaming starts at 12 noon today. Some readers might not able to view the webcast in the stream above. If you cannot watch the webcast above, watch it here. UPDATE Mahindra e2o Plus 4 door electric car launched – Price, Photos, Specs, Details

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