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Mahindra Reva e2o to get power steering soon

Even with below expected sales, Mahindra have not given up on the project. They continue to test their electric car and try to make it even better. Autocar India now reveals that Mahindra Reva is working towards offering electric power steering in e2o. Apart from this, they are also working towards improving the practicality of the car by adding two more doors at the rear. The latter was also confirmed during the launch last year.

Touted as the future of mobility, Mahindra Reva e2o is powered by a small battery, which gives a drive range of 100 kms. In order to save on battery power, and to increase drive range, the e2o did not feature power steering. But, after speaking to existing owners, it has been realised that the steering feels heavy at low speed. In order to deal with this issue, Mahindra plans to soon roll-out e2o with electric steering.

With a top speed of 81 kmph, Reva e2o weighs just 830 kgs. On offer for a base price of about Rs 8 lakhs, it is one of the most advanced cars on offer in India. The high price tag, and non-availability of proper infrastructure for electric cars in India, has led to the failure of e2o.

But Mahindra continues to work towards making the e2o more affordable, even without government support. They recently launched a new scheme, which brings the one time payment of e2o to Rs 4.99 lakhs. After this you have to pay Rs 2,500 every month for five years. Under this scheme, all service and maintainence cost will be borne by Mahindra.

Update: Mahindra has officially uploaded information about the new variants on their official website. As per new info, the new electrical steering will be equipped on the T2 and T20 variants. Full details below:

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