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Mahindra e2o spied testing in Himalayas


Mahindra e2o compact electric vehicle was spotted testing recently on a high altitude location where electricity is profoundly scarce. Losar, a town near Chandrataal lake in Himachal Pradesh is where upgraded e2o was caught testing.

mahindra-e20-spied-03What was a limited mile range city car doing so high up hill? A team from Mahindra Reva is said to have been camping there for 15 days then, trying to test e2o’s performance and battery behaviour in weather condition closest to Europe’s during winter. Ironically the team had to carry a genset to recharge the e2o as and when it looses power; on full battery, it drives 110 km. Mahindra Reva e2o on sale is 48 volts version and one featured in spy shots is said to be 72 volts model.

If you’re a tree hugger and thought e2o is way out of budget, Mahindra Reva’s ‘Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric’ scheme would be worth checking out. For downpayment of Rs. 4.99 lakhs, and monthly commitment of Rs. 2,599 for five years, you can take e2o home leaving the worry of battery and maintenance to Mahindra. Additionally, 24×7 roadside assistance and standby vehicle (in case of extensive maintenance exercise) will be provided. Not sure if Mahindra would be able to help if your e2o is taken up hill like these guys did, but the scheme is comparable to cost of buying and maintaining a B segment hatchback for city commute.

Also read about rental plan of e2o by carzonrent in collaboration with Mahindra Reva.



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