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Valet thought Mahindra e2o’s engine was off – Here’s what happened next

The future looks bright for cars. There’s increased discussion around electric cars, connected cars, and flying cars. Flying cars as an idea have always been fascinating. The sheer freedom of travelling as you please gives us a sense of accomplishment.

And while you may not always know how to make your car fly, there are opportune moments when it magically becomes airborne. of course the landing may not always be as desirable. You could also feel terrible if you’ve never managed to make your car fly but someone who’s been charged with it momentarily achieves the feat.

This flying car feat is wholly credited to the valet who probably didn’t even realise the power was still on. In a jiffy, he lost control in a turn, broke a metal barrier, and plunged forward. From elevated ground to lower ground was not the most adventurous trip but surely one that’ll be remembered. The car was later put out of its suspended misery but surely will bear longterm effects from being so broken.

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Since the e2o nosedived, the front underbody and front wheel axles bore most of the brunt. With everything working against it, it’s the backwheels that did the balancing act, keeping the car steady on slope. We ain’t need no hill assist. What should have been a normal day at work turned out to be one of abject disbelief.

?Last year Mahindra updated the e2o, by offering a four door variant of the e2o, calling it e2o Plus. New Mahindra e2o Plus sports the same design on the inside and outside. Engine specifications also remain identical.

Interiors are seen with electric ORVMs, driver information system and infotainment system consisting of JBL music system with speakers and tweeters along with CD, DVD and MP3, Bluetooth and iPod connectivity. An app on the smartphone also allows for locking and unlocking of the car remotely and switching on the air conditioning system.

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The 4-door Mahindra Reva e2o is powered by an electric motor consisting of a 48B lithium-ion battery, capable of 25.5 bhp peak power at 3,750 rpm and 53.9 Nm peak torque at 3,000 rpm. The battery can be charged in a matter of 5 hours. Top speed stands at 81 kmph while the battery pack has a range of 120 kms under test conditions.

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