Mahindra rebukes Satyam, Duro, Scorpio, Rise and XUV500 fans

In January 2015, Mahindra was alerted about M/s Mahindra Industries manufacturing and trading in electrical goods (fans, induction cookers, mixer-grinders, electric irons, etc). The Secunderabad manufacturer has conducting business under the name Mahindra Deluxe within Andhra Pradesh.

Mahindra Industries ceiling fans
Raid on Mahindra Industries trading in ceiling fans

On that front, M&M has filed a trademark infringement suit before Bombay High Court. An order for search and seizure of M/s. Mahindra Industries premises and an order for ex-parte ad interim injunction from Bombay High Court has resulted in raids in two M/s. Mahindra Industries warehouses at Gautham Nagar, Secunderabad by the Court Receiver with help of local police officials and M&M Ltd. legal team.

The raid uncovered ceiling fans, printed cartons, packaging material, warranty cards, name plates, stickers, etc., bearing the Mahindra brand name. Goods were confiscated by the Court Receiver.

Naveen Raju, General Counsel and Senior Vice President – Group Legal Services, Mahindra says the brand name has is a symbol of trust and credibility for over six decades. Trademark infringements are considered a serious matter. Mahindra is happy to take effective action, and will continue to do so in every such case.

Mahindra product brands, Satyam, Duro, Scorpio, Rise and XUV500 were in use as model names for the Mahindra Deluxe range of fans. Trade was undertaken under the names Mahindra Deluxe, Mahindra Industries, Mahendara Industries, Mahindra Electrical, Nagmani Mahindra Industries and others. The Court Receiver will submit a detailed report of the search and seizure action before the Bombay High Court.