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Mahindra Jeep wades through 4 ft water to rescue people – Chennai Rains

A Mahindra Jeep (nickname for the venerable MM540, the Thar’s predecessor) driven by an off-road enthusiast and good Samaritan who goes by the name ‘Jeep’ Ali went exploring the flooded streets of Chennai to find and evacuate stranded people. The 4×4 kept soldiering on even after its bonnet got immersed in 4ft-deep water and the interior got inundated. Kudos to the gentleman and his machine! We hope more off-road enthusiasts would come forward to put their skills and equipment to test for a noble cause. The non-stop Chennai rains, the worst the city has registered in a century, are wrecking havoc on the lives of millions of people. The streets and houses are flooded, up to the second floors in some areas. Most of Chennai has been blacked out to prevent electrocution accidents (already many have lost their lives to immersed electric lines) and as a result mobiles have gone off and communication between Chennai dwellers and their loved ones elsewhere has been severed. The death toll has risen to 251 so far. Several business establishments, shopping malls, theaters, government organizations, Coast Guard, Army, Navy and Air Force are now working intensely to rescue stranded people and provide reliefs (food, water and shelter) to those who are in need. Boats are proving to be more effective in rescue operations than specialized road vehicles.

Chennai Rescue Numbers – Verified

The unforgiving rail fall has made most of the roads and railways useless in addition to shuttering the Chennai airport for the first time in its history. This makes rescue operations extremely challenging. The weather forecast predicts heavy to very heavy rainfall over coastal TN including Chennai till December 6.

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We hope the situation only gets better from now on! In case you are not able to get through these numbers, you can call us on 9923179084 or 9158881284 or 8698318557 (last number can speak and understand Tamil) if you need help in co-ordinating.

Chennai Rains – Photos

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