Mahindra MGP30: Top Gear for 2012 MotoGP World Motorcycle Racing Championship

The brand new Mahindra Racing Moto 3 machine, the Mahindra MGP30 is at the modern end of the technology spectrum. The exhilarating machine has been developed by a joint venture of Mahindra and Italy’s renowned 2 wheeler specialist firm, Engines Engineering. The Mahindra MGP30 possesses the Mahindra-homologated 250cc, 4-stroke fuel-injected single cylinder engine. The engine is a class apart and has been developed in union with Oral Engineering, the Formula One racing specialists.

Care has been taken to have the engine package within a tubular steel chassis whilst the swing arm has been designed out of lightweight aluminum. With Mahindra proudly showing off their new creation in red and white, colors that the Mahindra Racing team is synonymous with, Mahindra has great hopes from the bike in 2012.

In 2012 Mahindra will participate in the Italian Championship in the 125cc class for the first time with their hopes on an Indian rider, 19 year old Sarath Kumar, in the 125cc class while the second rider will be Riccardo Moretti from Italy, who has the 2009 championships to his credit. . Mahindra Racing is scheduled to be taking part in the 2012 MotoGP World Motorcycle Racing Championship. With all eyes on the MGP-Three-Oh, the new MGP30 certainly didn’t fail to impress at first glance. At the recently concluded 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, Mahindra also proudly flaunts of their new Mojo 300 cc liquid-cooled DOHC engine performance super bike prototype, and the Mahindra Duro DZ two wheeler.

Mahindra Racing is incidentally the 1st Indian team to participate in the MotoGP World Motorcycle Racing Championship. 2011 being their 1st year, Mahindra Racing ended the season well. In the 125cc Rider’s Championship, Marcel Schrötter finished 15th and the Mahindra Racing team finished third in the Constructor’s Championship. At the Australian Grand Prix, riders Danny Webb and Marcel Schrötter finished 10th and 11th respectively, marking the high point of the season. Double point finishes were achieved at the races at Aragon, Brno and Assen. For Marcel Schrötter, the Assen GP in June saw him record his personal best having finished 9th.