Mahindra Micro Irrigation System reports water savings

Total water consumption is reported at 6.1 cubic billion. Total water savings at 8.4 cubic billion through offset mechanism. The achievement is largely attributed to Micro Irrigation System (MIS) project implemented in Gujarat in 2013.

Mahindra Micro Irrigation System
Bureau Veritas Certification conducted the validation of ‘Energy Efficiency through Micro irrigation
system – India’

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project on Micro Irrigation System is implemented in association with UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), under its Programme of Activities on Energy Efficiency.

mahindra zaheerabad plant water neutral
Mahindra and Mahindra Zaheerabad plant is now water neutral.

CDM project goal is to encourage energy efficiency through installation of a drip and sprinkler efficient irrigation system instead of traditional flood method of irrigation. Benefits for Mahindra include savings in water consumption of between 30-50 pct, reduction in labour required by 50 pct, decrease in the use of fertilisers by 30-40 pct, and 12-76 pct increase in yield.