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Not only the rider, Mahindra Mojo too survived this truck


Mojo is the flagship motorcycle of Mahindra Two Wheelers which was launched in India last year.

Indian roads are the deadliest. Revealed a recent report, which claimed that every day 400 people lose their life due to road accidents in India during 2015. A total of 1.46 lakh people lost lives in 2015 due to road accidents, one person dying every 3.6 minutes.

Most of these people who died in road accidents are due to reasons like driver error, breaking traffic rules, over-speeding, etc. But there are a few of them who were lucky enough to survive because either their vehicle was good enough or they were wearing proper protection gear. One such rider is Rushlane reader Vishwanath.

Mahindra Mojo accident (1)

Vishwanath was riding on his Mahindra Mojo earlier this morning when he collided with a truck. The accident took place when the rider was heading from Porur to Ramapuram side.

The said truck was exiting office premises and turned onto the road in a hurry. The rider was thrown out of the way but the bike was embraced by the underbody and ended up at the front-right wheel arch. The rider is safe and unexpectedly, the Mojo too.

For a crash of this nature the anticipation would be that the front alloy wheel would have significantly bent if not broken, same with the fork and much worse with the headlamp assembly; yet the Mahindra Mojo was pulled out of the wheel-arch in almost the same condition it went in.

Mahindra Mojo accident (4)

The owner Mr. Vishwanath says, “I escaped with minor bruises as I wasn’t riding fast, and the helmet saved me. I called up the Mahindra Road Side Assistance who showed up in half-an-hour and towed the bike to the service station.”

Well, Vishwanath, you are one lucky rider. Ride safe.



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Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

A first drive in a manual rickety old van was enough to pave the road forward for Sagar Patel. When not driving or riding, his dexterity shifts gear to voice passion through words via reviews, and news, all the while, closely monitoring updates from the auto industry.

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  • Keshav Sai Chennapragada

    Fianally years of testing worked out 😛

  • Rajesh Mani

    Built quality is top notch,I’ve personally experienced it.Glad the rider is safe

  • Sameer Patnaik

    After all its mahindra indias trusted brand

  • Aldrich Sieghfried Carvalho

    8 years of testing looks like has paid off

  • Brite Sandeep

    Quality of bike doesnt matter.Even we Ride Royal Enfield, we should safeguard overselved with Protecting gears and Controllable Speed Brothers…

  • Vijay Anand

    Thank god the rider was saved, phew too much deaths these days. So, it really is a Mojo Jojo! 🙂

  • Chirag Sangappa

    I met with a similar accident as well today, but mine involved an auto and in city road with lesser speed. The guy suddenly started his auto and turned towards the road. Gladly nothing happened to me or my bike as I applied brakes at the right time and landed the bike on the road softly after colliding.