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Mahindra Mojo rendered as a BSA, and it is an absolute classic

Mahindra Two Wheelers is set to propel itself as a lifestyle two wheeler company not just in its home country, but across the globe.


Mahindra Two Wheelers last year acquired Jawa and BSA motorcycle brands. The company has revealed that within two years, they will launch the first motorcycles under these brands. Ahead of that, digital artists at Jakusa Design have created a render of a Mojo based BSA motorcycle.

By just giving a makeover to the headlight, handlebar, fuel tank and the seat, Mahindra Mojo has been changed into a retro classic from the yester years. Keeping the other vital components intact, this is a very potent classic machine.


Sadly, due to branding issues, Mahindra will not be launching BSA motorcycles in India (we already have a BSA two wheeler brand in India). But, the company has confirmed that they will bring the JAWA brand to India and that will happen within 2 years from now.

Mahindra will be producing JAWA branded motorcycles from the company’s Pithampur plant. Mahindra will not be selling these bikes under its own badge but will have a separate badging. Jawa will be sold under license by Mahindra both in India and in neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka. Mahindra expects the brand to be well received specially considering its host of aficionados in the country.

Jawa Motorcycles was founded in 1929 in Czechoslovakia and the bikes were introduced in Indian in 1950. In India, Ideal Jawa India Limited, Mysore started production in early 1960s while production came to a stand still in 1996. The company produced the Yezdi 250 B Type, Jawa 350 type 634 Twin and Yezdi 250 Monarch.

Thanks to Mahindra’s acquisition, the Jawa brand once more comes to the country and expected to be launched by 2018. It will receive some new features and the latest in technology while it will add further impetus to the future growth of Mahindra Two Wheelers which had reported loss to the tune of INR 615 crores in 2015-16.

Read more about the history of BMW and Jawa in the sheet below.

via Jakusa Design