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Mahindra-Owned Pininfarina Designed PF40 Electric Bike At EUR 13.4k (Rs 12 L)

With its top-speed capped at 45 km/h, Pininfarina Eysing PF40 electric moped should not need a motorcycle license in Europe

Pininfarina Designed PF40 Electric
Pininfarina Designed PF40 Electric

Electric bikes are springing up in recent times with the popularity of 2W EVs on the rise. Electric scooters still offer a lot of flexibility in terms of packaging, though. That said, we don’t often see too many retro-futuristic electric motorcycles. Sure design elements decades before are being incorporated.

What if you wanted an electric motorcycle with almost a century-old design language? Something that would offer something beyond just 2 wheels driven by an electric motor? That is where Eysing PF40 electric motorcycle comes in. This motorcycle is designed by none other than Mahindra-owned Pininfarina. Let’s take a look.

Pininfarina Designed Eysing PF40

To design this blast from the past, Pininfarina based this build on an Eysing Pioneer electric moped. Eysing is a Dutch electric moped manufacturing company that builds its vehicles by hand. The company is based out of Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands.

Eysing electric moped range starts from 7070 Euro for the Pioneer Original, 7790 Euro for Pioneer S Sport, 9160 Euro for Pioneer S Exclusive, 10,110 Euro for Tailor Made Original and topping up the range, we have Pininfarina PF40 which costs a whopping 13,780 Euro (approx Rs. 12 lakh).

Pininfarina Designed PF40 Electric
Pininfarina Designed PF40 Electric

Pininfarina PF40 looks the most radical and is the only one to get alloy wheels while the rest of the range gets spoked wheels. These wheels are shod with vertically ribbed tyres that look retro and classy. PF40 gets a different headlight cowl surrounding its round headlights that get LEDs and a redesigned front fender that looks minimal.

PF40 is the only one to feature a futuristic-shaped fuel tank and an extra storage element at the bottom. Rest of the Pioneer lineup makes do with a conventional teardrop-shaped fuel tank. This fuel tank is a design aesthetic and doesn’t hold gasoline, though.

Specs & Features

Pininfarina designed Eysing PF40 electric moped comes equipped with a 1.72 kWh battery pack that is capable of covering up to 100 km of range from a single charge. This is a 48V system that powers the 2 kW motor. This motor is capable of taking this electric moped to speeds up to 45 km/h. This means that in Europe, one doesn’t require a motorcycle license.

Charging times are pegged at 8 hours from a regular charger and 4 hours from a fast charger. PF40 weighs just 60 kg and has a maximum payload of 110 kg. Both brakes are drum and only the front is suspended while the rear is kept rigid. For 13,780 EUR, it is quite expensive for what it packs. But as a piece of art that it is, it is well worth it.

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