Mahindra Racing drivers, Marcel Schrotter finishes 15th at the San Marino GP

Earlier yesterday at the San Marino GP in Misano, Mahindra Racing Team drivers Marcel and Danny started the race from 15th and 19th position respectively. In all 34 riders from 17 teams participated in yetsterday’s Moto GP 125 in Misano.

Though both, Marcel and Danny were in a good position to score points for their team, only Marcel managed to score points for his team whereas Danny finished the race at the 21st position. Danny managed to set the pace earlier in the race. Danny was amongst the first 15 riders earlier in the race, but found himself struggling to match the speed of his teammate and rivals, due to which he slipped to 21st position by the time he fiished the race.

After the race, Danny said, “The first seven laps were pretty good – me and Marcel were well up. Then I started having problems with acceleration; I had a lot of near crashes, and I couldn’t push. Marcel is not having the same problem, so maybe it is my riding style: I am quite aggressive and he rides more smoothly. This has never been a good track for me. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Marcel Schrotter who finished 15th, says, “A tough race, but at least we got in the points. I got a good start and in the first few laps I was able to catch the group in front of me. But riders were making mistakes which spread us out, then I had a near high-side at the hairpin that meant I lost touch. It was hard to get my rhythm again, and my hand was sleeping again mid-race – I had to try to move it when I could on the straight. In the last laps the sweat was running into my eyes and I couldn’t see well, but I made sure I kept my place in the points.”