Mahindra Racing and Pininfarina unveil futuristic Formula E concepts

Mahindra Racing and Pininfarina, both entities of the Mahindra Group, have unveiled three futuristic Formula E single-seater race car concepts following the FIA Formula E tender to design and manufacture the chassis from season five onwards. The concepts have their own unique approach but they all promote enhanced safety for the driver.

Once the chassis is selected through the tender, it would be used by all the teams to keep the costs low. The powertrain and related software will be open to for development by individual teams. Mahindra Racing says that it would be happy to receive thoughts and feedback from its fans on social media platforms. As of now, the three concepts are nothing more than creative projects but it looks like Formula E pure electric race cars would soon look much more futuristic than the Formula 1 machines.

Mahindra Racing Formula E Concept by Pininfarina - - B
The Mahindra Racing Formula E concepts designed by Pininfarina attempt to enhance driver safety, while incorporating some radical aerodynamic elements.

All the three concepts were designed by Pininfarina which became a part of the Mahindra Group by signing an investment agreement with Tech-Mahindra in December 2015. The Italian design firm is expected to play a crucial role in the future Mahindra road cars as well as racing machines.

Mahindra Racing Formula E Concept by Pininfarina - C
The concepts come soon after the announcement of FIA Formula E tender to design and manufacture the chassis.

Speaking about the Mahindra Racing Formula E Concepts, Chief Creative Officer of Pininfarina Fabio Filippini stated:

A possible contribution of Pininfarina to the future development of a Formula E car would be a highly motivating challenge, fully consistent with our mission of creators and innovators in the automotive field.

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