Mahindra Reva and Bangalore Airport partner to setup electric vehicle charging infrastructure

This new electric vehicle charging station will offer facilities exclusive to Mahindra e2o customers and will be completely free of cost. Besides availing these free services, Mahindra’s EV customers will also get a 20% rebate on parking charges at the airport premises.

Bangalore is the most electric vehicle friendly market in the country and hence the need for efficient charging infrastructure. While most customers resort to charging at home, the company has ensured over 100 convenient charging stations at strategic locations across the city for customer conveniences. These charging stations are located every 5 kms for the convenience of EV users and are located at shopping malls, near branches of State Bank of India and at M&M dealerships and Mom & Me outlets in the city.

Allowing for free EV charging at Bangalore airport, which is located at a distance away from the main city, will go a long way to assist customers in their commutes to and from the city without any stress of range.

Mahindra Reva inaugurates electric vehicles charging station at Bengaluru International Airport