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Mahindra Rise Prize Driverless Car (e2o or XUV5OO platform) for India brief

Mahindra Rise Prize challenge gives innovators a chance of their lifetime to find a Driverless Car solution for Indian conditions. The ‘challenge’ is to develop and demonstrate a driverless car prototype that’s been built on the e2o or XUV5OO platform.

It must be suitable for Indian roads and driving conditions, which as we know can be very difficult in bumper to bumper city traffic and incomplete roads. The project being undertaken must result in an affordable to build and operate vehicle. To ensure feasibility, the solution must be scalable to different platforms.

This clean, green and connected car must meet functional safety requirements and cater to a wider audience by being adaptable to special applications – for users with different abilities.

Mahindra Rise Prize Driverless Car value proposition is to meet first/last mile challenges and enable virtual mobility. When dealing with bumper to bumper traffic, those in the car should benefit from reduced stress, increased convenience. The car must drive on manual and self-driving mode. Its open architecture should be such that it enables easier ecosystem development.

The idea behind the initiative is to revolutionize driving on Indian roads, and thereby transform our lives. In the process a range of challenges will be addressed: from decreased road mortality rates, driver fatigue, increased environmental friendliness, and more.

Complete information on the Challenge including quantified deliverables, evaluations criteria, jury and timelines will be announced on March 24th. Stay tuned!

For those wondering why they should make the world a better place to live in, there’s a $700,000 prize for anyone who builds a driverless car for India.

The new challenge premise involves a billion people here. There’s no doubt that for long India has lagged in technology and innovation. As nations develop when tech and innovation are used for the larger benefit, Mahindra hopes development of an appropriate ecosystem can help India leap forward. Spark the Rise and, the Rise Prize are an extension of the Mahindra brand philosophy/purpose of “challenging conventional thinking to drive positive change for all stakeholders”. The latter welcomes disruptive innovations from India.

All Indian citizens, Indian institutions and organizations can participate with the condition that work done in solving the challenges is carried out within the geography of India. People can participate in teams or as individuals.

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