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Mahindra Scorpio N Buyer Gets Delivery Date In Sep 2024 – 2 Years Waiting

Mahindra currently has a very high waiting period of up to 16 months for their SUVs like Scorpio N, XUV700 and Thar

Mahindra Scorpio N Waiting
Mahindra Scorpio N Waiting

Scorpio N is currently a quick-selling SUV in India with the first 25,000 bookings sold out in under a minute. 1 lakh bookings were recorded in an hour. But the delivery of this entire 1 lakh bookings is likely to take more than a year.

Due to chip shortage, manufacturers have been struggling to keep up with demand. One such manufacturer is Mahindra, which is currently selling some of the hottest vehicles like XUV700 and Scorpio N. The demand is so high, that their waiting periods are no longer in weeks or months, but almost 2 years. As silicon foundries are regaining traction, there have also been positive developments in the auto sector.

Mahindra Waiting Period Update – Sep 2022

Prospective buyers have also been wary regarding waiting period. In Mahindra’s case, popularity seems to be directly proportional to waiting period wherein immensely popular SUVs have an immensely long waiting period. But with things improving, Mahindra is determined to get its products to customers earlier.

Speaking about Scorpio waiting, Mahindra has prioritised deliveries of Z8L trim before others. Z8L customers got the PDI invite before others and are promised delivery around Diwali time. But all those that booked their Scorpio N after the online bookings commenced, have to wait for 85 to 90 weeks (12 to 13 months), irrespective of what engines they choose.

Mahindra Scorpio N Waiting
Mahindra Scorpio N Waiting

If you think 85 to 90 weeks are a lot, that is the lowest while waiting period for other trims is even more. For base Z2 trim, buyers have to wait 90 to 95 weeks and 95 to 100 weeks for Z4 trim. Topping the list for Scorpio are Z6 and Z8 trims which have a waiting period of 100 to 105 weeks. To be fair, Mahindra waiting period for Scorpio N is lower than XUV700. One buyer of Scorpio N has been notified of a delivery date in Sep 2024 – that is 2 years waiting.

Mahindra Scorpio N delivery date in Sep 2024
Mahindra Scorpio N delivery date in Sep 2024. Image – Waseem.

Well, if you want a Scorpio, pronto, Mahindra has got your back in the form of Scorpio Classic. It was launched recently and gets slight upgrades under its bonnet. With a new aluminium block, slightly more fuel efficiency, slightly refined looks, Mahindra Scorpio Classic is a slightly better proposition than the model it replaces.

Scorpio Classic buyers only need to wait for 6 to 8 weeks for their new purchase. Mahindra offers Scorpio Classic in 2 trims S and S11 with only one powertrain option. Both trims have the same waiting period.

Mahindra XUV700 Waiting Period Update Sep 2022

XUV700’s top-spec AXL trim had a waiting period of up to 19 months. But now, that has reduced. Other trims have also been cut some slack, and waiting periods have been slashed. Base MX trim along with AX3 and AX5 has 2-3 months of waiting period with petrol engines. While that number is bumped to 10 months for the diesel engine option. However, buyers of AX7 and AX7 L trims should wait for 15 and 16 months respectively, irrespective of the engine they go for. This ain’t outstanding but is better than before by around 3 months’ time.

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