Mahindra Scorpio black cladding now painted in body colour

It is not common to see automakers respond to customer feedback, especially when it concerns the styling of a product. Ask around about Maruti Suzuki. But Mahindra, the native carmaker, has pretty quickly issued an update to its much famed model, Scorpio.

Mahindra Scorpio tailgate (1)
The black cladding at the rear end of Mahindra Scorpio is something that concerned many customers, they felt it’s an overkill of sorts.

So Mahindra has now fixed that issue on all variants from S2 to S10, by painting the black part in near body colour, so that it does not look very obvious as many feedback mentioned. Consequentially, the striking silver trim around the numberplate recess, which made the black part look all the more awkward, is finished in black along with the registration plate cavity, so that it does not appear as a highlight.

Mahindra Scorpio tailgate (2)

There are no other changes made along this revision. The 2014 Mahindra Scorpio continues to wear aggressive swept back headlamps with projector beam and black tint, claw type vertical slat front grille, sizeable hood scoop, sporty bumpers with fog lamps, and LED tail lamp assembly stacked vertically along the edges at the rear.