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Mahindra Thar Locking Diff Feature Deleted From Select Variants

Earlier offered as standard fitment, Thar locking diff is now only offered as an option on top-spec LX trim

Mahindra Thar Locking Diff
Mahindra Thar Locking Diff

Ever since its launch in 2020, Mahindra Thar has been crunching decent numbers and is the undisputed king of lifestyle off-roader segment. Its arch-rival Force Gurkha has not been able to create a dent in Thar’s popularity. Will that change with 5-Door Gurkha that is launching soon? Only time will tell.

What we can tell you now, is that Mahindra has made slight revisions to Thar’s mechanicals. This is likely to be a huge blow to Thar’s prospective customers that actually want to take their 4X4 off-road. For the majority of buyers that don’t like the rough stuff, this revision is not likely to make any difference though.

Mahindra used to offer Thar locking diff as standard fitment across the range. That is not the case anymore. Let’s take a look at what a locking differential is and its impact on Mahindra’s new move.

Thar Locking Diff Not Standard Anymore

A locking differential is not found on an average FWD car that was designed for everyday use. It is often found in 4X4s, off-roaders that are built for the rough stuff. Mahindra first offered a locking differential on Thar CRDe facelift in 2015. It was only offered at the rear and front still got a regular differential.

Mahindra Thar Locking Diff  Only Optional On LX
Mahindra Thar Locking Diff Only Optional On LX

In contrast, both previous-gen and current-gen Force Gurkha get a mechanically lockable diff at both front and the rear. A Mercedes-Benz G-Class has an additional central differential along with front and rear. All three of them get mechanically locking functionality. When new Thar was launched in 2020, it got a mechanically locking diff at the rear only.

When engaged, Thar locking diff detects loss in traction (slip) in both wheels and sends power to the wheel with most traction. This ensures that the wheel with most available grip is powered and thus pulls the vehicle out of sticky situations. This has been very useful for off-roading enthusiasts who wander on muddy and mucky terrains.

Mahindra has stopped offering a mechanically locking differential as standard fitment across the range. It is only offered on top-spec LX trims and that too is offered as an option. Now you gotta pay if you gotta play (or something like that).

Upcoming 5-Door Thar

Mahindra is developing a 5-door version of Thar to broaden its horizon to appeal to a wider audience. Rumour mill around this upcoming vehicle suggests that Mahindra is likely to not offer 4X4 as standard across the range. This could mean a lower starting price and will be appealing to those buying Thar for its style and not its substance.

By not offering locking diff on lower-spec models, Mahindra is likely to disappoint off-road purists. These are the people that buy a Thar for the substance that it offers. They just want a bare-bones SUV that doesn’t get many bells and whistles that allow them to thrash it in the dunes on a weekend at a lower price.

This is the reason why 4WD is offered on Scorpio N Z4 trim and not Z6 trim. Now that locking diff is only offered with top-spec LX trims for an additional cost, off-road enthusiasts need to shell out more cash for a higher trim and shell some more for MLD.

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