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Mahindra Thar modified with parts inspired from Jeep Wrangler

Everyone wants something unique. A brand new Mahindra Thar owner too wanted to make his car unique. Considering the fact that Mahindra Thar is the most modified vehicle in India, getting a unique job done is not an easy task. Especially when you know that there are thousands of modded Mahindra Thar’s running across India.

Kerala based Pro Color Body Shop is where this owner decided to give his Thar to make it unique. These are the same folks who successfully modified Force Gurkha to Mercedes G Class earlier. The Thar in question, had only done 600 kms when it was handed over for modifying. And what a journey it has been. From the Mahindra Thar to this unique SUV with parts inspired from none other than the Jeep Wrangler JK series.

With design and parts scouting finalised, the next challenge faced by the team was how to accommodate the perfect fitment of parts from Jeep Wrangler on to the Mahindra Thar. Especially when the body dimension of Thar is smaller as compared to the Jeep Wrangler.

The team wanted the mod job to look proportionate with not much structural changes and not deviating much from its original dimensions. Precise drawings were created, hard board dummies panels were made and eventually they reached where we wanted. They now had a full plan, clear process to be followed and a proper work flow planning before they actually touched the car for rebuild. There were clear rules made before commencing the work –

The Mahindra Thar which has been modified.

– All kind of metal cutting was done only with the pneumatic and rotary cutters – strictly no use of gas cutter on metal panels
– All welding & panel joints were done only using mig welding
– Sheet bending and shaping was done using hydraulic pressing and sheet bending machines, strictly no hard hammering or heating
– Very minimum body filler and putty was used on the body panels as they did not want to sculpt it out of putty and metal pastes
– During all stage of body fabrication they constantly monitored the measurements, fitment quality and instant rust proofing was ensured.

Below is a brief idea about the work carried on different parts of the modded Mahindra Thar by Pro Color Body Shop.

Hard Top & Roof – Hard top was fabricated using 18 gauge steel sheet with proper cutting methods (no kind of gas cutters or heat was used at any stage of work). All the shaping was done with proper sheet bending machine and the structure was made of double layer sheets on outer and inner of a rigid frame work with foam sandwiched in between the sheets. This type of construction ensured a proper roll cage protection, along with proper heat and sound insulation.

Windshield Frame – Windshield frame is custom fabricated to match the hard top and the proposed front fascia design and new wheel arches. It was also required to have the flush type windshield glass instead of the conventional rubber molding mounted windshield glass.

Wheel Arches & Fenders – The original bush whacker wheel arches for JK series were imported which required the custom fabrication of front and rear fenders with recessed mounting brackets for the wheel arches.

Front Fascia – Front fascia is completed using imported angry bird type grill for Wrangler JK series, along with custom made bonnet and front bumper.

Rear Fascia & Barn Tail Gate – Main mods done on rear fascia is a custom made barn type tail door along with a reinforced structure to carry the load of spare tire and tail gate together. Barn door is made in order to facilitate an easy access to the rear seats which are front facing individual bucket seats.

The whole project took 9 months to complete. The team followed very stringent quality measures during each stage of construction. As per the original plan, They finally had a neat and clean, hand crafted body with no burning, cutting or weld marks on it. Despite it took 9 months to complete the rebuild, there was not any trace of surface rust of stains while it was handed over for painting.

Body Painting – Body preparation and levelling was the quickest job of all, since all the body panels were crafted with utmost precision and perfection. Their painter and perpetrators had an easy task with very minimum body filler and putty to be used. The full body got primed using marine grade primer and surface for better rust protection. The color theme was also pre-planned in dual tone – same like the Jeep Wrangler JK. The body is refinished in fire cracker red, with hard top and accessories in black.

Modded Mahindra Thar with the modified Force Gurkha, that looks like the Mercedes G Class.

Last but not the least, the interiors were sound & vibration proofed. Proper floor carpeting and roof lining were installed. The modded Mahindra Thar has a seating configuration of four individual bucket seats with arm rest. All the seats are reshaped with proper support and cushioning. Dashboard and all other interior trims in beige color is changed to black to match the overall interior color theme.

One look at the final outcome, and you realize that this Mahindra Thar looks more stunning than the original Wrangler from which it is inspired. Take a look at detailed photos of the modified Mahindra Thar in the photo gallery below. But before that, here is a small brief about the Pro Color Body Shop.

Pro Color Body Shop is owned and operated by qualified and experienced automotive professionals who have international experience and exposure to the automotive body shop; especially in the field of accident repairs and insurance claims. It a passion turned into business, all their technicians are highly skilled and have vast experience as most of them have been factory trained by Audi, Porsche, BMW, Toyota etc.

They are capable of handling all type of body repairs and modification for any brand of vehicles. Pro Color Body Shop is also well equipped with all the latest tools, equipment & advanced spray paint booth, ensuring that all the cars are repaired back with original factory quality and specifications. They are also the only provider, who are equipped and capable of the interior restoration for luxury brand of vehicles, especially the leather repairs and restoration. They are operating in Kerala since 2012 and have established themselves as the most trusted name by their customers for all automotive related services.

Pro Color Body Shop
Near Crowne Plaza Hotel
Kundanoor, Cochin
Kerala, PIN 682304
Mob : 9446046002
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Procolorbodyshop/

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