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Mahindra Thar Modified Open Top – Inspired By Willys Jeep

Convertible option is available with Mahindra Thar, but this roofless, doorless custom Thar takes the love for open-top to a new level

Mahindra Thar Modified
Mahindra Thar Modified

For folks who may feel claustrophobic even inside open-top Thar, Mangalore-based KAM Customs has come up with a completely airy version of the popular SUV. Top section has been completely chopped off and even the windscreen is a collapsible unit.

While this customization project may seem as easy as sawing off the top section, it was in fact quite difficult and complicated. The removed parts were integrated with the core structure of the vehicle, which is why this project had to be executed with great planning and finesse.

Mahindra Thar Modified Open Top Jeep

Stock parts that have been removed in this customization project include the roof, roll-cage and door frames. As these were structural components, they have been replaced with custom designed parts. While the windscreen is the same, it has been modified into a collapsible unit.

Pillars and the stock doors have been removed completely. In its place, the modified SUV gets metal tube doors. It has proper handles and comes with a perforated metal sheet in the middle section. The overall look reminds of the iconic Willys Jeep from decades ago.

Mahindra Thar Modified Open Top
Mahindra Thar Modified Open Top

In its open-top form, use of this modified Thar will be limited to flat surfaces. To make it suitable across all environments, a customized removable roll-cage has been created. This can be mounted on the pillar bases with standard nut and bolts. There are three sets of fittings to be made on each side to install the custom roll-cage. To protect against the blistering sun, customized Thar gets a soft-top canopy over the front-row seats.

While this custom open-top Thar will do the job it is intended to, it hasn’t been worked upon from a design perspective. With the stock parts removed, the rear section seems malnourished in comparison to the bulkier looking front section. Using slimmer front fenders and bumper will probably help achieve a more balanced profile for this customized Thar.

Built for a Member of Parliament (MP)

While it may look like it, this customized open-top Thar is not exactly for sightseeing. It has been built for a specific purpose, which is to use the vehicle for campaigning during elections. The client, a Member of Parliament, wanted a more accessible vehicle that can allow a better connect with the voters. Customized open-top That serves the purpose as it will allow a better view from all sides.

Mahindra Thar Modified Open Top
Mahindra Thar Modified Open Top

To communicate with the voters, a dedicated public address system has been provided. Custom foot steps have been added as well to ensure easy ingress and egress. It is not known if this customized Thar has been approved by RTO. For the common man, getting RTO approval for such a high level of modifications will not be easy.

Apart from the above, there are no other changes to this custom Thar. Parts like steering wheel, dashboard, instrument cluster, infotainment system, AC vents, seats, etc. are all stock units. There are no performance tweaks on this modified Thar.


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