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Mahindra Thar Modified With A V8 Engine – Goes Offroading

Mahindra Thar powered by V8 engine
Mahindra Thar powered by V8 engine

The current-gen Thar is retailed between Rs 12.11 lakh and Rs 14.16 lakh (ex-showroom) and is offered in two trims- AX (O) and LX

Mahindra Thar and off-roading go hand in hand. The compact off-roader has been built for hardcore trail bashing and there are very few who will deny its superior off-roading capabilities. The company late last year launched the new generation model of Thar which is so much better on roads and as good as, if not better, than its older iteration.

Video shared by SHRI Vlogs shows an older generation Thar carrying out insane off-roading tasks. However, the highlight is not just Thar gobbling all obstacles ahead with relative ease- it is what it hides under that hood. The earlier generation Thar was powered by a 2.5-litre CRDI diesel engine. The one in this modified version is totally different.

Mahindra Thar V8 – Modified Design

The design of the custom-built vehicle resembles Mahindra Thar Daybreak, which is an official modified version of the old generation Thar. This iteration of Thar got huge off-road spec tyres and a high suspension lift kit. In this case, as well, it appears as if the owner has installed a 4 to 6-inch lift kit on the SUV.

The front face has been completely rebuilt with custom headlights and grille. The front bumper has been done away with in order to improve upon Thar’s approach angle which helps it climb steeper inclines.

The windshield has been provided at a rake and doors are also cut and made to give it a new look design. The vehicle’s chassis has also been modified, and it has been shortened to make the wheelbase shorter. The rear bumper has also been removed in order to improve departure angle. The cabin has been provided with a convertible soft-top cabin.

Other aftermarket add ons include a hood scoop, a few hydraulic tanks at rear and an auxiliary light bar on top. Hydraulic tanks are usually installed in case of air suspension and they might also be used to refill air pressure in tyres. In most off-roading conditions air pressure on tyres are reduced in order to provide maximum traction to the wheels.

V8 Motor Powering Thar

The video shows various modified and stock Thar carrying out a fun off-roading exercise. No technicalities or specifications have been highlighted in this video but it focuses on a model which has been heavily customised from aftermarket. No specifications about the modified Thar have been revealed, hence, we are unable to share any specs with our readers.

A few years back we had come across a Thar in the RFC (Rain Forest Challenge) India of 2016 which also employed a V8 motor. In that case, the power plant was a 5.3-litre engine sourced from Chevrolet Tahoe which was rated to return an output of 355 bhp and 520 Nm of peak torque in its stock form. We do not know which engine or what output is being sent to those wheels.

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