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Record 1,000 Units Of New Mahindra Thar Scheduled For Diwali Delivery

Mahindra Thar Delivery
New Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar deliveries during Diwali festive period capped at 1,000 units

First there was the anticipation for new Mahindra Thar launch, and now all energies are being channeled into timely deliveries. Until now, 500 units of Mahindra Thar have been delivered nationwide.

The company marks the ongoing festive season with another mega delivery scheduled for 1,000 units. As a number of car buyers schedule their purchases for delivery during the festive season, meeting those expectations would be well received by customers.

Delivery logistics are based on bookings sequence for variants available. Mahindra relies on a robust customer connect process that enables the auto manufacturer to reach out to every customer individually and send out timely updates to communicate likely/exact delivery dates to assure them of delivery schedule every step of the way.

Mahindra Thar production

To start with, Mahindra had planned for a capacity of about 2,000 vehicles per month. And is now gearing up to increase that number to about 3,000 units by January 2020. Delivery processes began on November 1, 2020 with the first unit being the one that was auctioned online at a price of over a crore.

Mahindra Thar Deliveries
Mahindra Thar Deliveries

This was followed up by a mega delivery of 500 Thar units over the weekend of November 7 and 8, 2020. All in all, November is turning out to be a great month for Thar deliveries. The automaker has its hands full having confirmed bookings to the tune of 21,000 ten days earlier.

No doubt that number has already increased.At the time, waiting period was in the range between 5 to 7 months on select variants. based on current bookings, popular variants include the Hard Top Automatic and Manual (both in diesel and gasoline options).

Ramping up production will help the company manage its wait time estimates efficiently. Price announcement was made in October 2020 starting at Rs 9.8 lakhs. To ensure the vehicle is endearing to a diverse group, Mahindra has introduced the vehicle in varied body type and variants.

Festive season Thar delivery

Veejay Nakra, CEO – Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. “We wish our customers a ‘Happy Thar-ing Diwali’ during this ongoing festive season. At Mahindra it is our endeavour to spread festive cheer to as many customers as we can. Hence following the success of our earlier mega delivery of over 500 All New Thars across the country, we are now delighted to take it a step further and deliver 1,000 All-New Thars to mark Diwali festivities.”

In the meantime, Mahindra has been gifting a box of Ferrero Rocher for those awaiting delivery. Sidenote – Ferrero Rochers made in India lost the taste test a long time ago and deserve a detailed write up, which unfortunately can’t be done here.

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