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Mahindra Two Wheelers builds presence in two wheeler segment


Mahindra’s new range of powerful scooters has captured markets nationwide due to their robust performance and stylish design features. This range of powerful and reliable machines includes new models like Mahindra’s Duro DZ and Rodeo RZ. Based on statistics received from the company cumulative scooter sales for April to October 2012 were recorded at 69, 828 units while sales for October stood at 11, 139 units.

On the occasion of this milestone, Executive vice President Mahindra Two Wheelers said that automobiles producing by Mahindra have been specially designed for Indian roads and results can be seen as a number of customers have been embracing these vehicles for their transportation needs.

Mahindra boasts of a range of powerful 125 cc machines which have been designed to cater to select entities of the consumer market. Models like Duro DZ and Rodeo RZ as also Flyte are included within this category. The Rodeo RZ has been designed to attract contemporary modern day couples while Flyte has been designed for women.


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