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Mahindra Two Wheelers Dealer Management Software from Excellon

The installation has enabled transformation of MTWL’s business in a year’s time. Mahindra Two Wheelers aimed at revenue growth and establishing stronger ties with customers quickly, and turned to state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to achieve objectives effectively. This included automation of its manual dealership network system.

Excellon’s solution was sustainable for future IT transformation. Excellon DMS 5.0 included scalability, capability to process high volumes of data without impacting performance, and a tight integration between MTWL’s core SAP ERP system and Excellon’s cloud-based DMS, with a seamless master data and transaction data flow across diverse systems and business units proved to be a great solution.

Mahindra and Excellon’s partnership with a single team approach helped in quick customization, integration, and deployment of the Excellon DMS. The result saw the first 50 dealers going live in a record time of 5 months. Deployment across most MTWL’s network was completed in 12 months.

Dharmendra Mishra, VP Sales & Customer Care at MTWL said “We are proud to say that we have partnered with an end-to-end solutions provider in Excellon Software, who substantiates our trust with complete backing on applications, rollout, integration and support.”

“The Excellon solution has helped MTWL realize its strategic vision with several benefits including better visibility into its sales & distribution network, and enabling it to effectively connect with the customers and respond quickly to their needs. The implementation also benefits our dealers in all the areas including customer connect, communication, stock management, warranty & claims, and elimination of manual processes in various areas.”

“Finally, the Excellon DMS 5.0 solution has helped MTWL’s journey of transformation, and enabled the launch of new models successfully in the market by aligning enquiries, bookings, shipments, dealers and customer feedback seamlessly, leading to enhanced revenues. Thanks to these improvements, MTWL’s efficiencies increased, resulting in significant cost savings post installation.”

Mr. Ashok Asawale, MTWL CIO & VP Corporate IT added “Excellon solution and delivery certainly exceeded our expectations we had from a partner on this business transformation journey.”

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