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Mahindra Two Wheelers eying to acquire BSA and Norton

Mahindra two Wheelers Acquisition deal with Norton

Mahindra is reportedly in talks with half a dozen European two wheeler brands for a possible acquisition deal.

In what is an interesting news, Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. (MTWL) which is struggling to keep up pace with its rivals in the domestic market is on an acquisition spree. The objective appears to be boosting its brand value in the two wheeler space by bringing heritage rich international brands under its wings.

Economic Times reports that the two wheeler arm of Mahindra is looking to buy branding rights to BSA and Norton both of which are iconic names in the global two wheeler industry. BSA was founded in early 1900’s while the Norton’s origin traces back to 1898. Both brands were born in the UK.

BSA Mahindra Two Wheelers acquisition deal

BSA has been inactive for over 4 decades.

Norton was revived by a UK businessman in 2008 and is currently specializing in low volume retro classic motorcycles. BSA has been defunct since 1970’s. Roughly a year ago, Mahindra acquired 51% stake in France’s Peugeot Scooters thereby gaining access to their product portfolio, global distribution network and technologies.

As of now, both BSA and Norton have nothing concrete to offer in terms of technology or products but they do enjoy a very positive brand recall among motorcycling enthusiasts circle across the world. Mahindra is expected to make an announcement in this regard in the next 3-6 months and if at all the company manages to acquire BSA and Norton, we can expect grounds up development of premium products which will mainly target international markets.

Norton Motorcycles

Resurrected in 2008, Norton specializes in low volume retro classic motorcycles.

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Economic Times also reports that Mahindra Two Wheeler Ltd. is also in talks with at least half a dozen European two wheeler brand for a possible acquisition deal.

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