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Mahindra XUV500 owner from Mumbai wraps his SUV in cow dung to keep it cool

Mahindra XUV500 cooling system

Last month, a car owner from Ahmedabad got featured in multiple news sites and blogs around the world for installing, what she believes is a natural car cooling system. This cooling system is nothing but a cow dung wrap, which is plastered all over the car’s metal body, from the front to the rear, sides to the roof.

Sejal Shah had gotten her Toyota Corolla wrapped with cow dung because she believes that it helps her reduce the CO2 emissions, as she does not need to switch on the car’s AC while driving. Now, another owner has come forward and shared his story about the cow dung car wrap.

Owner of a Mahindra XUV500 SUV, Dr Navnath Dudhal hails from Pune, but is working as a senior doctor at the Tata Cancer hospital in Mumbai. He has joined Sejal Shah and become the 2nd car owner to install a cow dung wrap on car. Just like Sejal, Dr Dudhal also believes that applying cow dung on the exterior / metal body of the car has made sure that his car remains cool, and manages to beat the summer heat of Pune.

Mahindra XUV500 cooling system cow dung

Speaking to Sakaal Times, Dr Dudhal explained the process of applying this special wrap. As per him, a minimum of three coats of cow dung has to be applied in separate sittings. After the application of first coat, it needs to be perfectly dried, before the second coat is applied. And so on for the third coat. This will make sure that the coat is applied properly on the body of the car, and does not fall off while driving.

Once all the three coats of cow dung are applied, it needs to be dried in the sun. Dr Dudhal says that this application process allows the cow dung coat to stay on the car for about a month. What about the temperature difference? Dr Dudhal says that the temperature inside the cabin reduces by 5-7 degrees, post the application of cow dung.

How did Dr Dudhal come to realization of this idea of applying cow dung coating? Well, as a senior doctor at the Tata Cancer hospital, Dr Dudhal says he has done a lot of reading and research on cow urine and cow dung for benefit of cancer patients.

It is not clear as to how many more people have applied cow dung on their car till date. Until now two such cases have come to light. But there are high chances that this number is more. But scientifically, tests have shown that applying cow dung has no real benefit in keeping the cabin cool.


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