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Mahindra XUV700 Waiting Period Likely To Cross 1 Yr – Before 1st Delivery

Mahindra XUV700
Image – Gyani Enough

Mahindra has revealed that they will start delivery of XUV700 from last week of Oct 2021 – For petrol variants

Mahindra XUV700 has been taking over the headlines in auto industry, ever since it was unveiled last month. Earlier this week, when bookings officially opened, there were more records that were broken. The first batch of 25k units was sold out in under 1 hour while the next 25k units got sold out in 2 hours.

So in under 3 hours, Mahindra sold 50k units of the XUV700 in India. In terms of value, amount collected per per booking is Rs 21,000. So for 50,000 bookings total value comes to Rs 105 crores. Yes, thats a huge number, when you consider the fact that it was collected in a booking window of under 3 hours.

But this number is nothing. Compared to the number released by Mahindra. In the 3 hour booking window, Mahindra has sold XUV700 SUVs worth Rs 95,00,00,00,000 crores or Rs 9,500 crores or USD 1.26 billion. In the history of Indian auto industry, no vehicle has managed to garner such a number – in a 3 hour booking window.

Mahindra XUV700 Delivery

Mahindra had not revealed delivery details until now. Today, they have revealed when the deliveries will start. As per Mahindra, petrol XUV700 deliveries will start from last week of Oct 2021, while deliveries of diesel XUV700 will start from last week of Nov 2021.

Mahindra XUV700 Delivery Details
Mahindra XUV700 Delivery Details

But this is not what the over 50k buyers of XUV700 wanted to hear. They wanted to know the date on which they will get their delivery. Unfortunately, that has not been revealed yet. Mahindra says that they will reveal individual buyer delivery date in partnership with an external consulting firm.

Mahindra and the external firm will be devising an algorithm based delivery process of XUV700. It is not clear if this delivery process will be on order basis (first come first served), or it will be on the basis of demand or the availability of parts or a combination of all these.

Mahindra XUV700 Waiting Period

Shortage of parts, semi-conductor chips has affected the global auto industry. Every car maker has had to reduce their production capacity. Mahindra’s very own Thar SUV, which was launched about a year ago, has about 45k buyers who are awaiting delivery. Mahindra revealed earlier this month that Thar has generated over 75k bookings till date, while deliveries done till now are about 30k units.

Mahindra XUV700 Waiting Period
Mahindra XUV700 Booking Confirmation. Image – TeamBHP

Mahindra’s total monthly sales over the last 1 year have averaged about 15k-20k units on average. Over last 6 months, their best selling cars Bolero and XUV300 averages about 5k sales per month, Scorpio and Thar do about 3k-4k per month, while XUV500 does about 700 units per month.

Speaking about XUV700, production has started at Mahindra plant in Pune. Mahindra dispatched about 1,350 units of XUV700 to their dealers across India last month. These were most likely not for customers, but for display in showrooms or for test drive. This month Mahindra is expected to dispatch a higher number of XUV700 SUVs.

Till the time the parts shortage exist, Mahindra is likely to dispatch about 3k-4k units of the XUV700 per month. This is about the same number of Thar they are dispatching per month. At the rate booking numbers of the XUV700 are growing, by the time Mahindra delivers the first unit of XUV700, it is likely that the waiting period will have crossed the 1 year mark – for new bookings.

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