Qualifying at Indian Grand Prix 2012: Mallya arrives at BIC, Karthikeyan not on Force India’s mind

This year as well, its the same three people who have qualified in the top three positions for the 2012 Formula One Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber along with McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton will feature in the top three position for tomorrow’s final race in that order. Last year, Vettel quailified first, followed by Hamilton and Webber.

“You believe that Indian papers have any credibility?”, announced Vijay Mallya, replying to a question which was hurled at him by a media personnel at the BIC earlier today. Yes, Force India Team Principal has finally cleared the fog over his arrival at his home grand prix when he arrived at the BIC earlier today. Force India drivers, Nico and Paul have qualified for the 12th and 16th positions respectively for tomorrows race.

Mr Mallya had not been seen in India for the past few weeks. Media had speculated that it was because of his airline, Kingfisher, which has been grounded by authority. Employees of Kingfisher Airlines have threatened to go on a dharna just outside the BIC if they are not paid their salaries, which are pending since March 2012. On Narain Karthikeyan, Force India deputy Principal, Robert Fernley confirmed that he is not on their list for 2013 lineup.

Mallya said, “Was there any doubt about my presence here? You believe that Indian papers have any credibility? There is no libel law in India so there is nothing you can do to bring them to book. Obviously if I am not at my home grand prix, why should I be anywhere else? Why should there be even one iota of doubt that I wouldn’t be here? I just don’t understand it. Kingfisher Airlines is a Plc. They (the local media) don’t understand the concept of a Plc. In a Plc where is one man, who might be the chairman, responsible for the finances of the entire Plc? And what has it got to do with all my other businesses? I have built up and run the largest spirits company in the world in this country. You are probably referring to my plane being seized? Wonderful. I don’t owe anybody money. Why should my plane be at risk. It’s so stupid.”

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