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Man hacks Tesla Model S touchscreen to play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and players are ready to do anything that will assist them in capturing their target.

The latest such incident reveals how a user hacked his Tesla Model S touchscreen to go Pokemon hunting. The app is not optimized for the Model S and the hacker admits that his attempts have not been as good as expected.

Even as Tesla blocks video playback on the Model S touchscreen, this does not stop hackers from trying to hack into the system and incorporate those features they desire.


In spite of that, it was revealed earlier this year that how a hacker installed Gentoo onto her vehicle and managed to watch Terminator movie. Now hacker, Jeff Chiarelli from Pink Java Media claims to make Pokemon Go work on his Model S. He noted that the Tesla Model S had all the required system to play Pokemon Go on its 17” touchscreen with camera and GPS. Though no details were revealed, he released footage of the app working on his touchscreen while he used the reverse camera for reality features.

hacking tesla model s

Though still not perfect, Jeff is working on the same on his own Tesla Model S but shies away when others request him to do the same on their vehicles. He is a master of hacking and once hacked his own home so that the lights would blink whenever he received an e-mail. He is now trying to find a way to make this stop!

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