A stray dog peed on this man’s car, guess what he did next – Video

When it comes to cruelty against animals, putting it down to road rage when dogs are deliberately crushed by drivers isn’t logical. These are conscious decisions to cause harm and pain in order to do away with something that a perpetrator considers as troubling.

In recent years, incidents of cruelty against stray dogs have been on the rise. While stray dog nuisance is a growing concern, there’s a need for local bodies to step in for proper birth control rather than leave dogs at the mercy of vicious wrongdoers.

Such cruelty is inexcusable, and difficult to understand for the majority of people. In an incident captured on video at Vasai, Mumbai, a young errant driver is seen driving over a stray. The animal had peed on his car as dogs are likely to do. The driver is seen exiting the society gate and running over the stray.

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Deliberate, and unremorseful, the driver casually runs over the animal leaving it howling in excruciating pain. The intent is clear as the driver casually drives away rather than stop to rush the injured stray to medical services had this been a case of negligent driving.

The rest of the stray pack is seen desperately hurtling towards the injured animal as the animal yelps in pain. Despite complaints against such incidents, the number of dog related accidents continues to rise. This is yet another such incident.

The driver has been identified as Saurabh Dukhande. In spite of evidence, local cops are yet to arrest him. At the same time, vets have told that the dog might remain immobile for the rest of his life.

Watch the video below. Viewers discretion advised.