Man goes LIVE on Facebook while evading cops in a stolen police car

As a police officer left his keys in an unlocked car during coffee break it was stolen and taken for a spin. The driver posted videos of his accomplishments on Facebook. The incident occurred at 8 pm on Monday while 25 year old John Pinney drove away in the cop’s vehicle.

Police sergeant Steve Stoltz stated that a woman called 911 saying she was offered a lift by a man in a police car. When she refused the lift, the man drove off. This lead to a hot pursuit as cops tried to get back the stolen car. The chase lasted 30-40 minutes at speeds over 120 mph while the car thief posted a series of Facebook live videos from the stolen patrol car as he tried to speed away from the police using the officer’s iPad for the same.

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While boasting that he was in a cop car being chased by 5 cops, Pinney even turned on the siren and radio while he continued to sing a country song. He also explained why he decided to run off with a cop car as he had nothing else to do. In the video, Pinney rambled on about other topics detailing his past experiences in prison and his music preferences. He was finally caught as he pulled into his parent’s driveway while officers report that he resisted arrest.