Mana Energy launches new diesel additive to improve fuel savings

With rising petrol and diesel prices, its necessary that we save whenever and wherever we can. There are a number of additives that are used with these fuels to help reduce pollution and carbon buildup thereby saving a lot on fuel costs. Mana Energy, in respect to this trend, has launched a new diesel additive which helps to cut down fuel consumption considerably. Clear burn is a 100% sulphur free chemical compound that provides users with upto 8-15% reduction is fuel consumption.

Clear Burn when added to diesel engines, helps to reduce buildup of soot which in turn reduces smoke and fuel consumption. This product is available in 250ml packaging and can be used in generators, furnaces as also boilers and earth moving machines running on diesel. With the use of additives on will be able to enhance burning efficiency of fuel and at the same time reduce nitro gen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 10-11% and 20% respectively.

The company has tested this product within government sector vehicles like ambulances, state government department vehicles, construction crew vehicles as also vehicles and machines reserved for the Armed Forces.

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Mana Energy Launches Clear Burn Diesel Additive for Substantial Savings

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Wednesday, September 26, 2012 — (Business Wire India) — Mana Energy today announced the launch of a powerful diesel additive which reduces the amount of fuel consumption, whilst we claim that a minimum of 8 per cent of diesel fuel can be saved, some users have found savings of up to 15 per cent. For a sample list of users and their results visit our website Clear Burn, is a 100 per cent sulphur-free chemical compound, has been certified by the Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, and numerous users over the last two years.

“When added to normal diesel fuel, it significantly reduces exhaust smoke, soot build-up in the engine and decreases fuel consumption,” said Mr. Roger Mitchell, Chairman, Mana Energy. “Clear Burn is non-corrosive in nature and not harmful for diesel engines.” The product increases combustion efficiency of diesel generator engines. “It promotes better oxidation of fuel in internal combustion engines, suppressing soot formations and un-burnt hydrocarbons besides reduced soot emission and soot deposition in engine exhausts,” he said.

Clear Burn is available in packing of 250 milliliter bottles equivalent to treat 1,000 litres of diesel for static load-bearing machines like generators, boilers, vehicles and furnaces operating on diesel. It can also be used for heavy earth moving machineries.

Mr. Mitchell said the exponential growth of urbanization and industrialization has led to huge stress being placed on all natural resources and other non-renewable sources of energy. “This growth – especially in the transport and energy sectors – depends largely on fossil fuel whose consistently shrinking global reserve has made it imperative for us to look at developing alternative sources or technology to conserve the rapidly-dwindling resource.”

Fuel additives are affordable, popular and meet the challenges of enhanced burning efficiency of fuel. Combustion catalysts, oxygenators, anti-oxidant stabilizers, anti-knocking agents, fuel dyes and lead scavengers are commonly available fuel additives. Clear Burn is designed for all diesel engines of high capacity and can lead to reduction in consumption by 12.5 per cent, nitrogen oxide emissions by 10 to 11 per cent and total hydrocarbon reduction by 20 per cent.

Tests were conducted for the Indian Navy and some of Clear Burn’s clients include various state government departments, hospitals, construction companies, corporate houses and high-rise apartment complexes. Mana Energy has also embarked on research and development of efficient solar panels to conserve energy and hill station flash flood defence system generating its own power for producing usable water. The activity is taking place in Europe, China and India.

The company is owned and headed by British and Indian technocrats who brought together and combined a team of experts to enhance and conserve energy in the global market with its headquarters in India.

About Mana Energy

Mana Energy Pvt. Ltd is registered in India and having its Corporate Office and Manufacturing Facility at Noida, UP. The Board of Director’s consists of a team of very experienced Indian and English businessmen. Mana Energy is owned and funded from a Hong Kong Company. The purpose of the company is to bring to the Indian market efficient and innovative energy products. It is the Goal of the company to source, research, enhance and manufacture cutting edge technology for the efficient generation of Energy, in an environment friendly manner.