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Astride Royal Enfield 500, Indian biker sets record for longest journey on a motorcycle

Manigandan Manjunathan covered 38,239 kms in 106 days on a Royal Enfield 500 cc motorcycle. This is a new record and has been featured in the prestigious Guinness World Record books.

Manigandan travelled through 29 states and five union territories to achieve this record. He has officially broken previous record held by Buck Perley, who rode throughout China with Amy Mathieson covering a distance of 33,357 kms. Manjunathan has raised the bar by 5,000 kms.

Manjunathan travelled across the Indian peninsula many times from south to north and from east to west. He faced many trials and triumphs along the route which even got him up close to many militants. He befriended these people and even spent days at a camp in Manipur. He also passed close to the areas where many Adivasis were massacred by Bodo militants.

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This feat achieved by Manjunathan was thanks to a Royal Enfield Classic 500 which was even seized by the militants and used for their nefarious activities. Thankfully they returned the bike to Manjunathan and let him go unharmed, allowing him to go about his task of breaking a record.

Manjunathan, having achieved this feat, now wishes to break another record which will test his speed. His aim is to cover a distance of 3,200 kms in 24 hours. This feat is slated to be tested on a circuit as finding a road in India where one can travel at these speeds could also find mention in Guinness World Record books.

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