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Manila Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014 sees 12 Indian student teams participate


Over 100 student teams from Asia and the Middle East were in Manila last week to take on a street circuit putting to test fuel efficient vehicles they had designed and built for the 5th edition of Shell’s annual Shell Eco-marathon Asia. The new venue helped test fuel efficiency in a real world environment where speed didn’t set hearts racing but the fact who drove farthest on a litre of fuel.

About 15 teams from the Philippines’ top engineering schools participated. Student teams participated in the Prototype or UrbanConcept vehicle categories. Prototype category saw student teams entering cars of the future – streamlined vehicles focused on maximising fuel-efficiency. UrbanConcept category focuses on more “roadworthy” fuel-efficient vehicles. In all 100+ Prototype and UrbanConcept vehicles competed.

Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014Results for the electrically powered vehicles are expressed in km per kilowatt hour (km/kWh) and in km per litre (km/l) for other energy types. All vehicles entered met specific safety rules.

Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014 offered 24 On-Track awards with prize money of $2,000 and $1,000 for Winners and Runners up in both Prototype and UrbanConcept categories. Communications, Vehicle Design, Technical Innovation, Safety, Perseverance and Spirit of the Event and Shell Helix Tribology Awards were categorised. Shell Helix Tribology Award, an off-track award recognises student teams that demonstrate use of lubrication engineering principles to improve fuel efficiency.

The Shell Eco-marathon Asia flag-off ceremony was held on February 7 at the Luneta Park, and closing ceremony and awards presentation on February 9 at the Fiesta Pavilion of Manila Hotel. Visitors experienced Shell Energy Lab, an educational adventure to explore future of energy, technology and mobility. 12 Indian teams participated.


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