Mansing Desai becomes fastest Indian on motorcycle – Rides 2453.75 kms in 24 hours

Mansing Desai is a passionate biker and he loves his bike more than anything else. In order to buy his Triumph Tiger, he had to sell his land.

Riding a Triumph Tiger, Mansing Desai has become the fastest Indian on a motorcycle in his third attempt. In just 24 hours, he has manage to ride 2453.75. He started from his hometown Islampur, went to Tirunelveli, and managed to reach Sankeshwar, Karnataka at the end of 24 hours. Though his aim was to ride 2,600 kms in 24 hours, his ride of 2453.75 kms is still a new record.

Member of Ashwamedh Royal Riders Club, Mansing was received cheered by his friends and family throughout the journey. At the end of 24 hours ride, he was received by his friends and family with flowers. The announcement of record was done by RR Jaidip Pawar with BDO of Islampur in presence of Members of Ashwamedh Riders Sangli, Ashwamedh Riders Islampur, Royal riders Kolhapur & Kolhapur Super Bikers Club.

The current world record for riding the most distance in 24 hours belongs to Matthew McKelvey, as per Guinness World Records. But inlike Mansing, Matthew did not ride on public roads. He circled around an empty track to achieve this record (1297 laps of the Phakisa track in South Africa). His record stands at 3256.5 km (2023.5 miles).

माझे ईश्वरपूर मधील मित्र व रायडर *मानसिंग देसाई* हे आज मंगळवारी, 7 नोव्हेंबर ला सातारा पासून दुपारी 3 वाजता त्यांच्या…

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Mansing Desai starting record 2400km in 24hrs

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