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Mantis electric bike launch price Rs 35k – The No Challan Bike

Mantis Electric Bike

Ahmadabad-based EV startup GreenVolt Mobility has been quietly working on a simple, low-cost urban runabout for the last three years. Their first product, the Mantis electric bike, received ARAI homologation certificate in mid-2018 and is now ready for retail sales.

GreenVolt Mobility has commenced sales through its own experience center in Ahmadabad and is planning to expand its presence to major cities in due course. The Mantis is essentially an amalgamation between a premium bicycle and a moped. The EV is devoid of any bodywork but features a much more comfortable seat than what a regular bicycle would offer.

The company markets the Mantis as ‘no challan’ bike as it requires no registration, driving license, or is subjected to rules like mandatory helmet (of course, it is always a good idea to use one whether it is mandatory or not). The bike has a top speed of 25 kmph. Watch detailed video below, credit to Youtube channel Electric vehicles.

GreenVolt says that the mid-mounted 250 watt motor and its controller have been developed 100% in-house. Supported by a 48v 14.5 Ah Li-ion battery pack (removable), the Mantis is claimed to have a range of 50 km on a full charge. The company says that the full charge takes approximately 2.5 hours and around INR 5 (electricity charges varies depending on the location).

The Mantis has a payload capacity of 100 kg and the components are water proof. GreeVolt offers lifetime warranty for the motor and controller while the battery comes with a warranty of 2 years. Other noteworthy features include front and rear disc brakes (like the ones available on premium bicycles), a mini digital instrument console and LED light.

Priced at INR 35,000, the Mantis electric bike emerges as an attractive option for urban dwellers who are looking for an affordable and easily to use mode of transportation for short commutes. With no license required, there is practically no age limit to ride or own one.

While almost all EV startups target the premium scooter and motorcycle segments, GreenVolt Mobility’s decision to establish a presence in a niche segment could prove to be an advantage. The company also says that it has built more than 5 prototypes of a more powerful EV and has managed to achieve a top speed of over 100 kmph and range of over 100 km.

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