Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing emerges 4th fastest at 2012 Formula 1 pre-season testing in Jerez: Kimi Raikonnen of Lotus clocks fastest lap

Mark Webber had this to say regarding the RB8’s debut. “It was good.” “I felt quite comfortable in the car quite quickly. It’s very early days, but so far so good. We had a small delay this morning with a part due to fog at the airport. It’s never part of the plan to give up running time, but you can’t control mother nature. However, we made a good recovery, got 54 laps done this afternoon and we’ll aim for a better day tomorrow.” He emerged as the 4th quickest man of the day going 54 laps with best lap time of 1:20.496. Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus was the fastest man on track on the first day of Formula 1 pre-season testing in Jerez, Spain with a lap time of 1:19.670.

Ian Morgan, Head of Race Engineering mentioned that despite the late start, there wasn’t any major disturbance getting by the day’s programme. He added, “The delay meant we didn’t get running until midday, which is a little bit frustrating, but otherwise I think this has been the best car build we’ve ever had.”

He went on to say, “Fortunately the delay wasn’t too severe, as it was very cold early this morning and for the first hour and a half I don’t think the track was in great condition anyway. So we probably only lost an hour or so of proper running. When Mark did get going, it was pretty smooth and we didn’t see anything unexpected. We have done a lot of simulation work and today pretty much confirmed what we are getting from that. It’s nice to repeat it on track and we’re happy with how things went.” “We’re set to do some tyre evaluation tomorrow. It’s a tight testing schedule and tomorrow is Mark’s last day in the car here, before Sebastian takes over, so we have a lot to get through.”