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Maruti 800 goes round and round in walls of death (Video)


This is a very old trick, and is still being performed in remote villages of India. The above video was shot by Lior Singer at a local mela in Rajasthan. Performing death defying stunts in a car which has no safety whatsoever, you can see the level of confidence of the performers in the video above.

Powered by a 796 cc petrol engine generating 37 bhp, Maruti 800 is a front wheel driven car. To add to this, it has no power steering, making it even difficult to perform this stunt. Weighing about 650 kgs, plus the weight of passengers, to witness such a stunt in front of your eyes, is worth an experience. And even though the 800 is now discontinued, one can always the car at such melas, where it will continue to entertain thousands.

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