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Maruti 800 Owner Modifies His Car To Look Like A Gypsy

Maruti 800 Gypsy Modification
Maruti 800 Gypsy Modification

Maruti Gypsy was discontinued from India as it was not able to upgrade to new safety and emission norms

Maruti Gypsy has been an iconic vehicle in India’s automotive industry. Such has been its craze over the years that even after its discontinuation in the Indian market over two years ago, enthusiasts look for a used and functioning Gypsy to adorn their garage. However, compared to its demand only a few get lucky enough to own a Gypsy.

So what about others who don’t get a Gypsy? They have to settle with whatever they have while others take matters into their own hands and get themselves a customised Gypsy. Here is a Gypsy which is actually a Maruti 800 underneath and wears a customised top hat to resemble the compact off-roader.

Images of the 800-turned Gypsy have been uploaded by Vivi Kolar on Facebook page 4×4 India. There are no details about the project attached to these pics, however, it does look oddly shaped. Even though the modifier has tried very hard to give it a boxy design the transformation looks a bit out of place since Gypsy and 800 were based on completely different platforms.

Modified Exterior Design

First of all, 800 sits much lower to the ground and therefore the final product, in this case, gets limited ground clearance. Although its body shell gets a boxy design, on a closer look one notices that the body panels used are not from Gypsy.

Maruti 800 Gypsy Modification
Maruti 800 Gypsy Modification

Instead, they have been fabricated by some local customisation workshop. It adopts a traditional Gyspy’s two-door design with a soft-top roof at rear end made of waterproof fabric covers.

The rear of the vehicle remains open and it is not sure whether there is provision for rear occupants. The vehicle is also visibly longer than the stock 800. At front, it looks even boxier with a Gypsy-like front fascia. It receives Gyspy’s signature round halogen headlamps along with a modified front grille and front bumper. To wrap it up, the owner has installed 5-spoke alloy wheels instead of standard steel rims. There are no details regarding this modified 800’s interiors.

As hard as the modifiers have tried it only manages to look a pale shadow of the tough off-roader. Moreover, just like most aftermarket modifications in India, this modified 800 might also be illegal and not permitted to ply on public roads. Gypsy continues to be in production strictly for the use of armed and paramilitary forces of the country.

Prospect of Jimny in India

Maruti Suzuki has been contemplating on launching its global compact off-roader Jimny in India. Around 50 trial units have already been assembled at the company’s Gurgaon facility out of CKD kits. The company is looking to develop a proper 5-door version of Jimny in India sometime in future.


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