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Maruti 800 Modified Into 8 Seater – 2 Cars Joined Side By Side

This customization project could be easily tagged as ‘photoshopped’ by critics, but the fact is it is as real as it can get

Maruti 800 Modified 8 Seater
Maruti 800 Modified 8 Seater

Car customizations come in various forms, some of which can be quite outlandish and impractical. A perfect example is this Suzuki Mehran (Maruti 800) project, wherein two cars have been joined into a single unit.

This modified Maruti 800 is owned by Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan of UAE. Sheikh Hamdan is a royalty, Emirati politician and as you may have guessed, an auto enthusiast. Considered as one of the richest individuals in the world, Sheikh Hamdan owns several other crazy car customizations.

Maruti 800 Modified Into 8 Seater

One of the most unique aspects about this customization is that the two cars have been joined side by side. It’s not the usual trick where two cars are joined one after another to achieve the limousine look and feel. On the outside, this customization may appear to be a simple weld job. Bonnet sections have been stitched together using sheet metal whereas the roof area has been welded together using metal bars and glass.

It is likely that doors on the joined sides have been removed. The modified car gets an extra-long front and rear bumper and honeycomb grille with Suzuki logo in centre. These have been done neatly relative to other joints that clearly reveal the seams. A better job would have involved using a single piece custom bonnet that covers the full width of the car.

Maruti 800 Modified Into 8 Seater
Maruti 800 Modified Into 8 Seater

Modified Maruti 800 has four wheels, which means that major changes have been made to core hardware. It covers components like axle, suspension, brake, etc. Another important thing to note is that only the car on the left has a steering wheel. It is not certain if both engines are active or only one engine is being used.

If the latter approach has been chosen, it would make the hardware customization a lot simpler. Using both engines will mean that all connected parts will have to be in perfect sync. This will be quite complex and time consuming to implement.

Road worthiness questionable

While customized Maruti Suzuki 800 manages to get our attention, it’s not certain if it is street legal. The car does have a single number plate, but it’s not certain if it can be driven on ordinary roads. Maruti 800 measures 1,405 mm in width and double that will be close to three meters. It could easily create a mini traffic jam, especially on narrow roads. Even the standard set of buses and trucks aren’t this wide.

It is possible that this modified car may have been given special permit, for limited use in privately held premises, road shows, events, etc. Similar permits are available in various countries including India. Being rich, Sheikh Hamdan could easily afford the cost of the permits and maintenance of such insanely modified cars.

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