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Maruti Alto replaced by VW Gol as most sold car in the world for 2012


Maruti Suzuki Alto has been replaced by Volkswagen Gol as the largest selling car in the world for the year 2012. Maruti Suzuki sold 286,833 Alto in India, VW sold 293,293 Gol in Brazil.

volkswagen gol brazil (1)Maruti Suzuki is undoubtedly the best selling car brand in India. They are way ahead from their competitors in India. In the global car market, they are ranked as one of the top selling car brands. Maruti Suzuki India’s small car, Alto has been the largest selling car in the world since 2010. It has now been replaced by the Volkswagen small car, Gol, which is sold in Brazil, another emerging market for auto manufacturers.

The VW Gol is Brazil’s top selling car since the last 18 years while the Maruti Alto and 800 variants have ruled the Indian auto industry since their launch. Alto sales for 2012 declined due to rise in petrol prices. This led to an 8% drop in sales of Maruti Alto in India during 2012 which led to VW Gol taking over as best selling car. Fiat Uno came third.

Sales for the Gol, Alto and Uno for 2012 are 293,293 units, 286,833 and 255,838 units respectively. Though sales of newly launched Maruti Alto 800 helped figures grow by 20% since launch, changes relating to this will only be seen during 2013. Continued efforts by the company will be make it possible for Alto 800 to reclaim its position from Gol well before 2014.

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